Upcoming Events and New Publications

A. NEW BOOK:  Plasma Technologies

The book is written by Russian leading researchers in Plasma Technologies field.

Great value of the book is that it is describing theory of the processes and gives practical recommendations on implementation, including real world thechnical parameters of the process and equipment necessary to run it.

Maintenance personnel as well as engineers will greatly benefit from the information provided in the book by just "plugging in" recommended optimised parameters.

Some processes, such as "Finish Plasma Arc Straightening" are not yet widely used in countries outside of Russia. That makes the book extrimely valuable for new equipment designers and researchers. Finish Plasma Arc Straightening is used to prolong life of the cutting tool, dies, etc. by a factor of 10+.

Book is available for purchase. Place your order with WELDING TECHNOLOGIES.

Price: $375.00ea 
Delivery time: 3-5 weeks ARO.

Book is written in Russian. Translation is available per request at additional cost.

1. Welding Arc
2. Plasma Arc Welding
3. Plasma Arc Cladding
4. Plasma Arc Quenching
5. Finish Plasma Arc Straightening
6. Plasma Arc Surfacing (Spraying)

B. WORKSHOP: Plasma Arc Strengthening
Strengthening of the metal surface is relatively old technique. We are all familiar with quenching, carbonizing, etc. Use of the Plasma Arc for the strengthening is a new application, where the fumes of the special fluids are added to the plama gas in order to form "liquid metal" properties. These properties are unique, such as high micro hardness, very low friction on the surface. The deposited film is so thin, that you can see light defraction effect on the surface of the metal. Special properties on the surface are very beneficial in many practical applications, such as prolong life of the punches, dies, reduce friction between pieces of machinery without oil, etc.

Plasma Arc Strengthening for the Industry WORKSHOP will be scheduled when we have a group formed.
The cost of 4 days workshop is $699.00 per person. Workshop will take place at Welding Technologies Shop.
Bring your own samples, parts, etc. to have them treated !!!
Please, send Your reservations, including preferred dates to WELDING TECHNOLOGIES.


Updated on 12/20/08