SELLING USED WELDING EQUIPMENT, which comes from out customers, who upgraded their facilities, or consolidated the operation and have an excess of welding machines. Most of the welding machines are still used in production, but they can be sold in "AS IS" condition any time. Equipment includes Resistance Welding machines, ARC Welding Machines, Robots, etc.

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We have a new and exciting product to offer to all shops, using resistance welding to manufacture products of the galvanzed steel. The name of the product: "Dr.Joe's TIP EAZE". This specially formulated compound prevents tips from sticking to the surface of galvinized metal.

You can order this product directly from us, or our distributors throughout the country.

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Dr.JOE's High Temperature Silver Greaz.

This is a  new product which was developed  for use in seam welding heads, which Welding Technologies manufactures. Testing of this compound showed superb characteristics, therefore we decided to offer it to the industry. The name of the product: "Dr.Joe's Silver Greaz". This specially formulated compound protects sliding contacts in the welding machines, where high welding currents and high temperatures are present. Keeps the contacts much cooler, prolongs life of the components.

You can order this product directly from us, or our distributors throughout the country.
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WELDING TECHNOLOGIES opened a new Branch: Testing Equipment, serving the needs of the welding industry. Some of our new products can be seen by clicking on the line below. One of the most popular is the Digital Tip Force Gauge Calibration Tester "FORCE-D3". 

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Welding Technologies has developed its own Seam Welder. Current capacity of the new Seam Welder, Model WT-SW-100 is 30,000A.

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Welding Technologies Developed a line of standard multi-electrode spot welding machines. They feature ROMAN Transformers, Allen-Bradley PLC, MEDAR welding controllers, Centerline weld guns. Cycle time is 30 sec, number of welds range from 10 to 24 (depends on the number of electrodes).   

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 New Portable Welding Machine, offered by Welding Technologies is the WT-Europe-18, Movable Spot Welder, 18 kVA, equipped with various arms to do the repair in the Body Shops. It is great for robot back up as well as building prototype vehicles.

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Updated on 07/02/05